Thematic sponsorship

Get involved in supporting our St. Bernards

With a thematic sponsorship, you make a significant contribution to keeping the tradition of the Great Saint Bernard dogs alive. You can support the following themes:

Barry Helps

This covers all dog-assisted activities with our St. Bernards (visits to homes, camps and long-term programmes, therapeutic support measures, etc.).

Dog training and occupation

This includes all aspects relating to the daily training and occupation of our St. Bernards (mobility exercises, pulling carts and sledges, brain games, dog dancing, performing tricks, hikes etc.).

Keeping our St. Bernards healthy

This includes all issues relating to the health of our St. Bernards, from prevention to care and intervention in the event of illness or injury.

How much does thematic sponsorship cost per year?

From CHF 180, you can support the theme of your choice for one year. Thematic sponsorship begins either on 1 January or 1 July.

Your benefits:

  • A certificate acknowledging your support
  • An annual activity report on the chosen theme
  • The “Barry News” newsletter, published five times a year
  • A certificate of donation for your tax declaration

Your contact person :

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