Barryland Theme Park

Get involved to keep Barry’s legend alive!

The only park in the world dedicated to the St. Bernard dog will be a privileged meeting venue for the ambassador of Switzerland’s cultural and historical heritage. The opening is scheduled for 2025.

More than 75% of the funding for the new park has been secured to date. Today we need your help to complete the budget.

Join us in keeping the legend of Barry alive by contributing to the well-being and heritage of Switzerland’s national dog.

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Each donation to Barryland Park matters and will contribute to the well-being and preservation of Switzerland’s national dog.

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Preservation of Swiss cultural heritage

The Barryland Theme Park aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the St. Bernard dog – emblematic symbol of Switzerland – by shedding greater light on its historical role on the Great St. Bernard Pass.

Education and awareness

The Barryland Theme Park will include educational exhibitions and interactive activities designed to increase public awareness of the numerous facets of this exceptional breed, from the particularities of its character to its new role as a social dog.

Sustainable tourism

Der Themenpark Barryland wird den lokalen und nationalen Tourismus ankurbeln, wodurch nachhaltige wirtschaftliche Möglichkeiten für die Region entstehen und gleichzeitig der Kulturreichtum der Schweiz zur Geltung kommt.

How can you support us ?

As a company, your support is essential in turning this vision into reality. Choose from our four proposals to show your commitment to a Swiss cultural symbol.



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Construction of a unique park

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The current cramped and outdated museum leaves little room for new attractions and the growing number of visitors while still respecting the dogs’well-being. With the new 20 000 m2 park, visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with and learn all about their four-legged friend : from the myths and legends surrounding its 300-year history to the particularities of its character. A living museum and a fun, interactive and educational centre close to nature is being created. The needs of the St. Bernards and breeding conditions adapted to their species are at the very heart of the project. The dogs will feel comfortable and have enough space to move freely, be cared for and trained, but also to withdraw and rest in peace.

The building is designed in the shape of a dog’s paw print. The Saint-Bernard dog is to be discovered in five themed worlds presenting its main character traits: Barry Sauveteur, Barry Ami, Barry Star, Barry Chéri, Barry Joueur. These themes will accompany visitors throughout their visit, offering them a unique and unforgettable experience.

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