Donation for canine occupations

Donation for canine occupations

Show your commitment to occupying our Saint Bernards in useful, meaningful ways!

Dogs that are involved in challenging activities that stimulate their development are more well-balanced and satisfied. It is extremely important to the Barry Foundation to make sure that the Saint Bernards from the Great Saint Bernard are happy and healthy. You can help us to achieve this.

Making a financial contribution to the foundation, you commit yourself to a specific Saint Bernard occupation. You select the occupation that you consider to be the most useful. You have the choice between:

  • Avalanche dog
  • Cart dog (pulling carts and sledges)
  • Elderly dog
    (special care and appropriate occupation including therapeutic treatments such as Tellington TTouch for promoting their well-being)
  • Exhibition dog
  • Film and media dog
    (the dog is trained to act in films and television series for example, as well as to feature in advertising campaigns)
  • Mobility
    (obstacle course to enhance the dog's agility and sense of balance)
  • Pack dog and hiking dog
    (carrying saddle bags is an old Saint Bernard tradition. We prepare dogs for the Barry Certificate, a walking test that the dogs have to complete whilst wearing a special dog rucksack.)
  • Petting dog
    (based at our fixed sites and for visiting schools and similar organisations)
  • Playful occupation
    (tricks, intelligent dog toys)
  • Social dog
    (for regular and occasional visits to social institutions such as old people’s homes, nursing homes and children’s homes)

What are my advantages as a donor in support of canine occupations?

  • You decide how your donation is spent
    Your donation goes towards supporting a particular occupation in accordance with your request. They specifically help cover training costs (of dogs and their trainers) as well as expenses connected with carrying out the occupation of your choice.
  • You receive a certificate
    On receipt of your payment, we will issue you with a certificate in recognition of your commitment.
  • Regular information about the Barry Foundation
    We will be delighted to send you our newsletter, “BarryNews”, published five times a year.

Who can make a donation in support of canine occupations?

Individuals and legal entities (e.g. companies)

How much does it cost to donate money in support of canine occupations?

CHF 180 per year

The detailed terms and conditions for donations in support of canine occupations can be found here:

Become a donor in support of canine occupations and help our dogs carry out useful, meaningful occupations that are ideal for Saint Bernards!

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